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Financial Clarity. Expertly Navigated.  

Welcome to Conroy Wealth Management.

Trust. A Proven Process. Clarity.

How We Help 

Fiduciary Financial Planning:  Each client and every situation is unique.  Our process starts by developing a personalized financial and investment plan tailored to meet your needs and goals.  With you, we will develop a goal oriented plan integrating all aspects of your finances and wealth in line with your best interests in mind.

  • Goal setting:  In our initial meetings we will get to know you and discuss your short term and long term goals.
  • Financial Inventory:  Understand and review your financial inventory and data, including account statements, debts, retirement accounts and additional items.
  • Financial Analysis:  We will meet with you to review your current analysis and compare how it lines up vs. your goals
  • Recommendations:  We will provide recommendations to continue the actions that will benefit you and provide solutions to improve areas that may need attention
  • Plan implementation:   As we move forward, we will implement the recommended strategies over time as we put your plan in place
  • Continuous monitoring:  We generally hold planning and investment reviews 1-2 times per year with you.  We are your financial partner and are here to address any financial questions you have or life changes you may experience

We create plans customized to you.   

We offer fiduciary financial planning in the following areas:

Financial & Retirement planning
Serving in a fiduciary capacity, we provide clarity for your current situation and make recommendations that will enhance your ability to meet your goals. 

Wealth and Investment management
We utilize best in class investment options and strategies to craft a plan for your investments.  This plan and your accounts are monitored on a regular basis to ensure they are on track with your goals.

Estate Planning
The loss of a love one can be challenging.  Managing their estate can be overwhelming.  We can help coordinate the process and the professionals involved to alleviate some of the stress of navigating this on your own. 

Business Consulting
Closely held businesses like ours and yours drive the American economy.  However it can be challenging to work “on improving your business” rather than feel that you are stuck working “in your business”.  We can help understand your challenges and provide recommendations as to how to operate your business more efficiently and profitably. 

Who We Help

We serve a range of people, before and during retirement.

Our fiduciary planning services involve:

Individuals Planning for Retirement 
For those near retirement or recently retired, there are many decisions to make about benefits, retirement accounts, healthcare, etc.  We will help navigate these decisions and provide a plan for your retirement assets as well as any pension options you may have to make.

Executives / Professionals
You work hard in your career and you deserve to benefit from that effort.  Our role is to ensure you have the guidance you need to accomplish your short term and long term goals.

Business Owners
We work with many small business owners to ensure that they have a diversified wealth plan inside and outside the business.  With a focus on tax efficiency, we can help you craft a plan to grow your business, add real estate holdings, manage your investment assets and increase your overall net worth while you focus on running your business.

Meet The Team 

Kevin Conroy Photo Kevin Conroy Hover Photo

Kevin Conroy

Financial and Retirement Consultant
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Kevin spent 10+ years in a corporate sales career prior to shifting into the financial industry.  He enjoys helping individuals and families and found that he could not have enough of a positive impact in a corporate environment.  

Kevin puts a high value on:  

  • Building trust with people leading to lifelong relationships
  • Being knowledgeable in many areas of finance and staying informed of changes that could impact clients
  • A never-ending desire to help others  

Conroy Wealth Management was opened in May 2022  

My logo shows my commitment to you:

The “Dara Knot” is an Irish symbol which means “Oak Tree” in the Gaelic language.  The Irish saw the Oak Tree as a symbol for wisdom, power, endurance, and strength

  • Wisdom:  Provide advice and guidance towards financial clarity
  • Power:  Positioning you for growth and prosperity financially and in life
  • Endurance:  Long term planning for you and the next generation
  • Strength:  Serving as a protector of your finances and family

My goal is to help as many people as I can reach their goals by providing them with a sense of clarity and direction when it comes to their finances and planning. 

Wendy McCarthy Photo Wendy McCarthy Hover Photo

Wendy McCarthy

Client Relationship Manager
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With much excitement, Wendy joined Conroy Wealth Management on September 8, 2023. Wendy brings 30+ years of excellent customer service, management of both small and large offices, & 5 years experience in the financial world to the table.

She enjoys meeting people & wants to get to know the clients on a personal level. Her goal was to work for a professional company that encouraged a family-like atmosphere and she feels right at home @ Conroy Wealth Management!

Wendy is super passionate about animals and donates regularly to a large homeless cat sanctuary in California.

Favorite quote: Treat every day like it's the best day of your life!

Bailey Photo Bailey Hover Photo


Chief Happiness Officer

Connect with Us

While every conversation is different, you should expect to cover some general information and get a sense of what it’s like to collaborate with us.

To help prepare for this meeting, you should have a basic idea of your current financial picture and financial goals. How are things now? Do you have any concerns? What do you hope to accomplish in the next few years and longer term?